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Games with O’Roarke’s 12/06/19

[pics incl] Jeff & I played Taboo with Karen, Duane & Michael (Meaghan was taking finals @ TAMU) Last week Hayley had us playing the Disney edition but this was the regular… I did MUCH better at the version HAHAHAHA

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Flashback: Ashley Will Lick Your Face

[picks incl] The blog is full of funny stories of Ashley’s antics of licking people’s faces. [No… I zerbert, I don’t lick] Meaghan O’Rourke stumbled across some old photos and it started a flashback series.

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Al Showing Off Garden

[pics incl] If you drive down Hobbs Road in League City, there’s a garden on the west side (chain link fence cut into the wood fence) That’s my dad’s (Al Bacon) garden with his neighbor Bob. If they are out … Continue reading

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Great Big Giant Ding-Dongs

[pics incl] Karen and 8 went to a Cafe in Tomball and they serve homemade ding-dongs. They appear to be like 4x size of those Hostess kind that came in foil.

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Would You Rather…?

[pics incl] 06/02/19 10:55pm Today at the O’Rourke’s, we played a few games, one reminds me of Quelf called “You Gotta Be Kidding!” On my turn I had choices… the lesser of all evils seemed to me to be “drink … Continue reading

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Lunch With Stacy and Karen

[pics incl] After spending the night and hanging out at the Whitley’s, Deidra drove me to Houston and we met my sister Stacy (& Darci) and Karen (& Meaghan & Michael) for lunch. The restaurant was huge… so yes… I … Continue reading

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Tommy & Stacy Forgue

Before I forget, my sister Stacy got married to Tommy Forgue 🙂 The official date is September 7th and before I forget again… Happy Anniversary to Karen & Duane O’Rourke on the 7th too!

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At the O’Rourke’s

[pics incl] Since we rescheduled from last week, the only time to “visit” was literally in the middle of the night. So we left Andrea’s and arrived at Karen’s & Duane’s around 10pm. After visiting a bit and a quick … Continue reading

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