Facebook email not working

Those of you that are on Facebook PLEASE do not email me via the FB messaging… it has NEVER worked properly… from day one! AND… now I no longer have access to it at all… for the past month or so.  If you need to contact me, please email my personal email account instead.

AND… while I have you… PLEASE do not send me Tier3 emails to my FB account, chat Id’s or text my cell phone.  I do not login to FB or chat ID’s every day and our cell service is sporadic at best.  I’d love to offer you better customer service.  We have a dedicated email for Tier3 customers:  support@tier3consulting.com  Better yet, go fill out the form on the Tier3 website:  http://www.tier3consulting.com It’s a monitored account so I may not be the only one checking that account or answering your question…. that’s better for YOU!


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