What happens when you aren’t looking?

I wasn’t looking.  I was on the phone and needed to walk-through a room once or twice because I was looking for something for the person on the phone.  The first time I walked into the room, two of my “anonymous” children were practicing line dancing or such… I ignored them, they ignored me… but stopped in mid-step-kick in the middle of the air and waited for me to proceed.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized what they were actually doing… I hung up the phone and thought “HMMMM, were they actually getting along? and dancing TOGETHER? and cooking dinner? where am I? what planet is this?….”  But then the phone rang again…

This time I was upstairs but I could hear the faint music of the piano and I KNOW I heard singing…..  But alas… it only seems to happen when I’m “not looking.” 😉

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