Murphy’s Law… again

Today I received several VERY NICE compliments.  So much so, that I felt compelled to update my FB status with great big cumulative THANKS!  Then, next thing I know… lots of nice things are happening… big, small, mid-size, etc.  It was very nice and I was appreciative so,  I updated my status again with “wow, i’m thinking the magnetic poles have reversed… lots of good fortune today… EVEN THE STOP LIGHTS ALIGNED?!?!? I’m not sure what’s up but I’ll take it!”

WELLLLLL…. the moral of this story is don’t post on FB 😉

Jeff took Ashley to grab some food and they were gonna pick up a few things at the grocery store afterward and then bring me some food.  [It’s Halloween so can’t leave house empty 😉 ].  Next thing I know, Jeff is calling me from the grocery store (which is across the street from where they ate dinner)… “Hear that hissing noise? That’s the tire deflating before our eyes!”  [NOTE:  This whole flat tire business wouldn’t have been such a sore spot with him if he hadn’t have said less than a week ago that maybe we should buy new tires for the car….  If you say something out loud… ABOUT YOUR CAR… within earshot of your car… you should follow-through immediately 🙂 ]

SO, let’s recap… Jeff and Ashley have eaten, they have MY food but have NOT entered the grocery store.  There was much discussion over whether he should change the tire with the spare or drive it across the street, one block from the restaurant, to the tire store.  That’s what they decided… They will quickly shop, call me as they are finishing, to pick them up from the tire store.

Flash forward to me trying to get ready for them to call me… WHERE ARE MY SHOES?!  I’m sure I left them right here! Seriously??? Someone stole my shoes?  I mean, it is Halloween but it’s not like I have fancy shoes… and I only have TWO pairs of shoes and the others are all muddy!  WHERE ARE MY SHOES?!?!  I found my slippers… Ok, I’ll just run up and grab them, and more importantly MY FOOD… in my pink slippers 😉  I will wait here for them to call, in my nice and warm and comfy, pink slippers… and I should update my FB status while I’m waiting 😉 “Dear Karma: thank you for the flat tire… I was feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland… I LOVE the twist where I haven’t eaten dinner… and someone stole my shoes… I couldn’t have made that up!”

Jeff calls so I leave, and realize that there is absolutely NO GAS in the truck [technically, that was my fault, I was gonna buy a few things at the store first, to get more points, to get more discount… but instead I had Jeff buy a few things at the store since he was going out to dinner… right by the store… See how this works? ;-P ]  Now, it’s 9:30pm and I haven’t eaten AND, I am getting gas in my slippers [they are still pink but not quite as warm and comfy out here in the cold]… It could be worse, it could be snowing!  At least I got to use my discount.

I have now caught up to Jeff and Ashley and car with flat tire… AND… I FOUND MY SHOES!!!! They were on Ashley’s feet 😉

It’s a good thing they bought ice cream because Blue Bell has a way of making things better!

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