What’s Between Prom and After-Prom

[pics incl] Remember, all four kids went to dinner before Ashley’s prom? [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2014/04/12/ashleys-prom-041214/ ]

The other three dropped Ashley off and… drove around for an hour before calling Jeff to have him login to see where they were… (bring back memories of Courtney getting lost the first week of college?…)

After a while, we were thinking they should just swing right by and pick Ashley up from Prom…. They were not amused… BUT SERIOUSLY, they were RIGHT there… again.

Jeff directed them toward I-25 and said “Please do NOT go near I-70!”

We had to leave and literally crossed paths before I actually said these words:

“we r parked under a plane out front”

It’s dark, it’s the middle of the night!


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