I Often Think Of You… YES, YOU

I just wanted to give a shout out to YOU.  I’ve been trying to keep in touch with everyone and I want you to know that I do often think of you.  BY NAME (or at least by how I might know you 🙂 ).  I think of all the people on this list; family, friends, neighbors, kids friends, classmates, sports teammates, even those of you lurking out there that haven’t signed up 🙂  Yes, YOU.  [I know some of you ended up here from FB or from talking to friends/family and adding me to your prayer lists.  I know I do not have my email on here anywhere so you cannot email me directly… but feel free to sign up, just tell me how you got here or I’ll think it’s SPAM.]  I appreciate all the emails and txts and thoughts and prayers.  I think of ya’ll and I just wanted you to know it.

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