Gorgeous View 01/23/15

[pics incl] The camera cannot do this view justice, you had to see the gorgeous panoramic view of mountains (at sunrise, sun was behind us). I told the kids “this is one of those times, you just sit back and appreciate the view you are given and cannot share.”  The scope of this photo is deceiving because, as William said, “those pink clouds look like a giant wall put up around all of Colorado.” to which I responded “It worthy of something Q would do. [StarTrek TNG: Encounter at Farpoint]”    [NOTE: abt 7:25am]


Same day in afternoon. FYI, this is the drive to school!  [NOTE:  it’s NOT the exact same view because Ashley took one this morning while I was driving, but this afternoon, I was alone and pulled over not knowing exactly where hers had been taken.]


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