Ode to Missing Sunglasses

today’s laugh, courtesy of customer:

A lady drove back because she couldn’t find her sunglasses. I was helping another customer, so I just glanced over at “lost & found” & replied “none have been turned in”… but when I looked at her…

they were ON HER HEAD! 😛

There were several people in line, we all laughed for a while. I’m out of punch cards or I’d have given her extra 😉 someone said “but we’ve all done that” … and, without thinking I said, “yah, but that was IN PU-BLICK” (Ron white voice)…

only the guys totally got that!

[If you don’t know comedian Ron White, he’s the big guy in black clothes, w/ cigar & scotch. He’s on “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour” with Jeff Foxworthy (“You might be a redneck if…”), Bill Engval (“Here’s Your Sign…”) & Larry The Cable Guy (“Gettirrrrr Done…”]

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