Ashley’s Common Law Father

if you’ve been following along with the Kevin/Shirley “other father/mother” storyline with Ashley, you know that it has kinda taken on a life of its own.

Today, as I was waiting on Ashley, I chatted a good while with Kevin, at one point he asked if my head was bothering me [a bit] because my Texas accent is strong ( just imagine me sayin that ax-see-ant ) and you’ll see his difficulty.  on the flip side, his Chinese accent was strong 😉 (that still coulda been my brain but I had to tease him)

Ashley appeared, and of course his prank on his co-worker at his picnic came up.  I started teasing him that in some states there is such thing as “common law marriage” and he’s introduced her in public now she might just be his “common law daughter” and by extrapolation he should pay for college! 😉  Ashley and I actually had to explain the “common law” thing a bit, he said he’d seen it on a TV show once but didn’t realize it was a REAL thing.  I’m not sure if CO has it but Ashley thinks so.

Before leaving, Shirley walked up and he tried to include her by explaining that if Jeff and I ever  die, he has to support Ashley 😉  I couldn’t stop laughing and by this point in our friendship, Shirley just agrees “Oh, Ok!”  Then we tried to determine if he has introduced her as his “other daughter” three times, the picnic being one.  We dedecided maybe Sam’a counts… one to go ;-P

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