How Do You Help Friends Wait

I don’t know, this is not one of my blog posts where I explain it.  Debbie posted about Josh’s rough night:  AND she also posted some of the amazingly fun & quirky photos about #teamjosh 

I cannot think of the word that I want to describe her: extraordinary.  I only know one other person like her.  She is sharing this experience with “us” AS it is happening, not afterwards.  Not through rose colored glasses either, you’re seeing snippets into their life.

Right now they are waiting.  Waiting for this sweet, gentle, soul… to get his wings.  Waiting. How do you help friends wait?

Like I said, this is not one of those posts where I explain it.

prayers & hugs.  we love ya’ll 

if you would like to contribute:

[NOTE UPDATE  Spoke w/ Debbie and they may need to move Josh to the Hospice facility tomorrow or soon .]

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