We Replaced Courtney

[pics incl]  It’s a Plug-N-Play feature.  Courtney left on a business trip and we just “plugged in” another short, tiny person that is picky about what she eats, smothers everything in ketchup and has a very snappy wit!

Andrea (my sister) and Hayley  surprised us w/ an impromptu visit! [well, it was short notice, not really “surprise” cuz she needed to make sure we’d be home :-)]

Usually all small people pick William as their favorite [see any post about Sadie or Brennan]  This one is a pro at knocking his wit down a peg or two.  “WE” think this is very amusing… I think, he thinks the world has tipped it’s axis.

Heather has an ROUS on her neck. [chinchilla –sp?]

Later, Hayley is wearing Courtney’s pants…


It’s a separation by siblings (Ashley /William vs Theresa/Andrea)

I do NOT want to go industrial dancing w/ you.

and…. there are no words… it’s a visual 

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