Johnson Reunion 06/01/2019

[pics incl] One of the most important things I say is to spend time w/ people while they are here. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to visit w/ so many of my relatives that I otherwise would not have seen. Thank you for letting me hijack your phones to input my number! I only wish I had taken more pictures with each of you!!!

Velma said “You can’t be here? You’re from CO!” True… that means we both have to leave hahaha

The extraordinary winner of the cake/dessert contest is Ryan McClendon beautiful young daughter with won w/ I believe a “Smores cake” but don’t quote me on that. and I am soooo sorry, I cannot remember this sweet girl’s name. She told me all about her school and her favorite classes and how she learned to bake. [someone please help me out so I came give her the proper credit she deserves!]

Deidra showed up because I was headed to her place for the evening. I properly ignored her because I’m positive she owes me at least one family reunion hahaha! actually it turned out that she knew many people there. Or once I explained WHO people were, they would realize they either at least knew OF each other or had met many years ago etc.

One notable family for Deidra, is my mom’s cousin Lois in College Station. My friands and I would crash their house and we were always made to feel welcome…. always. (that’d mostly be… care to guess? hehe Jeff and Neil and Karen and Deidra) I cherish the memories I have of hanging out at Hugh and Lois! and… cue Ryan from above. Ryan is Lois son who often hung out with us. He’s only just a few years younger.

We ALL just LOVED having Ryan around. He is smart & funny and witty and always worked extremely hard. He actually kinda shamed most of us into getting our act together! hehe I’m so excited to have reconnected w/ you and having the opportunity to meet your wife and daughter. I cannit express enough, how proud I am of you. sounds corny I know but it’s true! thanks for spending the time catching up & letting me hijack your phone!

I’m serious when I said I was hijacking phones. I had zero cell service and I was beyond frustrated because my plan had been to have people plug their number in my phone and call them. Plan B… I accidentally discovered that I had 1/2 bar if I left my phone sitting in one spot.. and it was tied to my watch. Hence the phone hijacking. I’d have people plug MY info on their phone?.. then txt me their name etc I could see on my watch if it came thru.

Mission continues to keep in touch. I know I’ve stated that before but I’m plugging along. I got a new phone last year…. had to wipe it & start from scratch & there was a long time I couldn’t txt anyone w/out imsg so I had no contact w/ android …

so… I THINK it’s working but I can’t always confirm w/ android users so…. might need email or actual phone calls 😉

here’s a few photos from the reunion

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