Poking Holes and Letting Air Out

Please set your coffee down as this will make you laugh so hard you will spill it! This morning, I looked at my face in the mirror and realized I had little teeny dots lining my hairline. I channeled my inner Stacy and thought she’d say “… and now they’ve poked lots of little holes to let out all the hot air…”

Her first comment to me after she saw my thyroid surgery scar back in 2004 was that “they saw of my head & only put half the stuffing back” or something along those lines. She’s had ample opportunity ever since, to continue along these lines. It seemed fitting this morning that she definitely would NOT pass up on me getting needle injections (yesterday)!

Here’s one for my 2017 surgery: http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2017/10/27/surgery-103117/

Sorry no “before” pix cuz I was about to take a shower.

I went & got my phone afterwards & took a pic but you can’t see them anymore. At least… I don’t see them. I think the reddish spot is a freckle but I’ll watch it.

For the record, I did call my sister and request the comments that I KNOW she had. and in deference to the actual pain she knew I was having at the moment, she had waited instead of texting me bright & early as she normally does.

From Stacy:

SOOOO… I realize that you have real pain, BUT when YOU post things like “BRAIN MEDS” and “I DON’T UNDERSTAND” and “NEEDLES IN MY HEAD” ALL IN THE SAME “story” —

I can not help but LAUGH at the Frankenstein images that have now popped into my head BEFORE i have had coffee so I am not responsible for my thoughts!!! As I drank my first cup of coffee, I had to think “Well clearly! They have already tried to re-stuff your brain when they removed your thyroid, plug the leaks and tried to refill the holes when you had the clot surgeries and NOW they want to try to make you look “pretty” with BOTOX and say this will help?!” (Only because I already know someone else that uses botox for migraines do I “know” this is a thing BUT for YOU this is now a thing I can laugh at)!!! 😂🤣

This really is the long way around the barn to get plastic surgery…. but I am on to you! Just know… no matter how much younger you may LOOK, you will ALWAYS be OLDER than ME!!! 😛

Love ya! 😁😘

P.S. I wish you had asked me this morning what I was thinking… I giggled for hours today! 😉❤️”


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