How ’bout that weather?

Yesterday it was GORGEOUS!!!  We were out and about and it was 82 and lovely. (NOTE:  Apparently Denver broke a long standing record high with 84 degress.  The previous record had been 76 degrees set in 1882 and tied in 1996)  We decided that we’d spend today doing some much needed yardwork.  This morning it wasn’t quite as warm but it was about 58.  Little did we know that would be the HIGH.  A little after noon, the clouds rolled in and by 12:30pm it was SNOWING… not raining… SNOWING.  It’s still snowing.  Not really sticking to anything but HELLO!?!?  It was 82 yesterday and it’s 24 right now with a windchill of 14.  Gotta love spring in Colorado 😉

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