Scotts On The Rocks

Apparently sometime this weekend, there was a program in Europe about a house called “Scotts On The Rocks” and I’ve gotten a few emails from people all over the world requesting access to MY “house pictures.”  Trust me when I say… ours is NOT the house you want to see… it’s either the Bed & Breakfast in Canada (which looks gorgeous from the pics by the way) or the one in Newcastle (and this one must be absolutely FABULOUS to be in the running for Northern Ireland House of the Year 2011) or even one that I am unaware.

Ok, I know that all of the people on my subscriber list know that “we” are “Scotts on the Rocks”… and why…  right?

Over the years I have had requests to make reservations for people to stay with us (hehe, that started in 1999)… and have redirected them to the Bed & Breakfast in Canada. [NOTE: at the time I wrote this their website was down but information could be found here: ]  I have had requests to book my pipe band at their event… and redirected them to the Scottish troupe (and those men sent us pictures of their Scottish kilt band… YES… that’s men in skirts) 😉  We are NOT the “other” site either, check your spelling.  Early last year the Kardashians (sp?) did something with the name “Scotts on the Rocks,” because I got a few emails about that as well.  I can also assure you that we are NOT the gallery in Hawaii selling the $100 shirt.  We are not the yacht named Scotts on the Rocks.  I also heard last year that there is a band near Seattle 😉

I’m sorry, but even though you are probably very nice people… you cannot have access to my house photo gallery.

[NOTE: April 5, 2011 I was contacted by a European business guide (took me a while to realize it’s a phone book) all in a panic because they are about to print their directory and “we” are NOT in it and how did that happen if we are on the tellie?]

[NOTE:  In September 2011 I was contacted by people requesting house pictures again.  This time the home in Newcastle was showcased in Grand Designs magazine in August.  Again… trust me when I say “we” are NOT that house and you’d be gravely disappointed in pictures of ours 😉  I found a website regarding this story: ]

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