The “old” news of the week

I was doing a “search” on my computer for something specific and it pulled up “News of the Week 1997”.  Really?  You think what I need is actually in “News of the Week 1997?!?!  I forgot about those ;-P  And then I realized that several of them are already posted up here on the blog.  I’m sorry but they are password protected, email me and I’ll give you the password [or just comment on this post].  But ohmigosh! I got distracted and read a few pages of the first book and I was laughing so hard all to myself…  I’m pretty sure that Heather and Courtney might have grounds to complain….? but it sure will make you smile!  I glanced at other names mentioned:  Jim, Chris, Joseph/Carrie & kids, Andrea, Velma, Neil/Nicholas…. just to name a few….

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