Early morning texts

Dear East coast friends and family… PLEASE do NOT text us early in the morning.  (and maybe a few Central Timezone folks)…  I’ve made joking comments about it previously, but I really need to be blunt now.  When you text us before 7:00am your time (ET)… you are waking us up… as it is not yet 5:00am here in Colorado (MT).  I’m not trying to be rude but when you do group texts that include me and my kids on school days before they get up, I need to ask you to wait until later.  I know it’s kinda habit to just send a mass text, especially on special events and holidays.  😉  We do appreciate your texts and love to hear from you,  HONEST!,  but please be mindful of the time before including us in your group texts.  AND… we’ll do the same thing on the flipside at night and not text your after you have gone to bed.  THANKS!!!

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