Valentine’s Technology Tradition

Ever since we were first married, Jeff and I have often given each other “electronics” for Valentine’s Day 😉  It’s true!  About 17 years ago, I got him a 20MB (that’s MB, not GB) hard drive for something like $100 and thought that was an awesome deal! 😉 I remember him telling me one year that he had told a co-worker he needed to go to Best Buy (or other electronic store) to get me a Valentine’s gift… and his co-worker looked at him like he was crazy 😉  I definitely prefer electronics over flowers!  The tradition is intact! 😉  As many of you know, my cell phone has been dying a slow, painful death for several months now… and Jeff’s died yesterday.  Sooooo, we both have new phones now 🙂 Considering that everyone else in this house has iPod/iPhones, that’s what I went ahead and got too, just so we could all share accessories, etc.  Please be patient with me as I was entrenched in my other phone and it’ll take me a bit to get over the learning curve (ha!).   WISH ME LUCK!

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