Yes that is a word!… YOU actually spell it “accents” but I pronounce it axcients [ax-see-ints].  🙂  When discussing my “axcient” I will have to throw grammar & spelling out…

You see, me&MyPhone were having a discussion.  I usually have a “quick code” text prepared to send to the kids before I leave on my way to pick them up from school.  Well, since I have a new phone, I haven’t mastered much of the stuff I’m used to doing without thinking.  SOOO, Jeff suggested I turn on SIRI on my new phone… SIRI being a voice controlled assistant.  Hence the me&MyPhone having a discussion.

I attempted to ask SIRI to “please text Courtney Scott that I am on my way.”  She replied with something that sounded remarkably like “I cannot find a Dorky White in your contacts. Will you please repeat your request?”  [This makes me question whether Courtney actually had a speech impediment as a small child or if she actually thought she heard me calling her Dorky?!?!?]

SOOOO, I’m trying to decide if I heard SIRI correctly [keep in mind that I am hard of hearing and now I suspect that SIRI is as well!!!] or if I should say WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?

By this time, I am actually driving… since I can talk to my phone 😉 and I repeated my request with the exact same response.  SOOO, let’s change tactics… “Please text Courtney Scott I am at a nearby light.”  I cannot find a Dorky White, did you mean Courtney Scott?  If so, say yes.”  “Please repeat YES.”  “Ok, I will text Courtney Scott with this message…” says nothing… “If so, say yes.  Can you repeat yes?”

As I was pulling up to the school, Courtney finally received a text from me that just said “nearby.”

SOOOO…. not sure voice commands between us are going to continue?!?!?

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