Successful Blooddraw 04/09/15

[pics incl]  I had to have some blood drawn.  Ashley and I did a thorough job of scaring the poor girl who drew the short straw by telling her all the horror stories of previous attempts.  Today, I was entirely to lazy to go drive down to the lab and find someone who claimed to be a pro.  I decided to train the new girl.  Keeping in mind that I was NOT prepared to have my blood drawn and therefore had not drank 2 tons of water, performed jumping jacks and brought hot compresses 😉  She had a 2-stick success!  They are checking my blood counts to make sure I’m not losing any/much with this dang ovarian cyst mess.  [ ]

FYI, I have appointments with all my different doctors coming up in the next couple of weeks.  If I have any updates, from anyone, on anything, I will let you know.  Look, I got a cool, blue-camo wrap!

20150411_photos 002-1

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