BACK, In Moulton 06/13/15

[pics incl] When we returned from Shiner, we picked up Robert and met aunt Golda, Velma and Nancy in town. Golda was very interested in how the pictures got from the phone to computer as well.  William did an EXCELLENT job of patiently explaining it so that everyone understood (including Aunt Kate and several others at the nursing home).  It also RAINED A LOT in town while we were there.  [NOTE:  for the record, Robert got about 1/10″ thru 1:00am Sunday morning… THEN it really started raining about 6am].

Aunt Golda took a shoe off because it was too tight… I just know there is a Dr. Seuss poem waiting to be written about, “my shoe is off, my foot is cold…” and Aunt GOLDa… where is Aunt Mousie?!? I need a poem!

[NOTE: LOTS more pics, watch for updates & slideshows]

20150615_slideshow-547 20150615_slideshow-546 20150615_slideshow-544

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