FYI, Moths do NOT Give Butterfly Kisses

After I climbed into bed I saw something, popped my head up, and asked “Is that a moth?” Like a good husband, Jeff’s response was “Yes, do you want me to get it?” “Nah, it’s just a moth.”

Just a moth.

I have a Fitbit Charge HR, it’s like a watch, except that it only lights up to displays the time when you press a button or tap it. Well, actually, it USED to only light up the display at a touch of a button but I did a firmware update a few days ago and now it just lights up whenever I barely move. This was not really an issue, I mean who complains that their watch tells time?!

Ah, enter moth.

I think the fact that I did NOT scream like a little girl when a moth landed on my wrist, which was under my cheek at the time, shows great restraint. [Trust me, I’ve been KNOWN to SCREAM like I’m being murdered when surprised from sleeping!]

I’m not saying I didn’t flail my arms, and probably legs for good measure, like a teenage girl in a spider’s web…

It was just a moth.

But I might need pie!

More moths:

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