An Emotional “Dalton” Moment

I was helping some customers and they had their teenage son with them.  As we chatted, it became apparent to me that they were going on vacation for fall break (starts this Friday through next week)… and they were going ATV’ing in Glamis, CA.   Link to Dalton’s story:

I was extremely grateful that there were no other customers in line, because I really needed to take a deep breath and prepare myself for what I was sure was going to be one of the hardest conversations I had experienced since Dalton’s passing.  I NEEDED to tell this family Dalton’s story.  And they NEEDED to hear it.  Yet, I also knew that their lives would change dramatically once these words came out of my mouth.  I was literally standing on a pivotable moment.

Moments are literally flashing before me now, as the teenage boy is just bubbling, over his new riding shoes…. The last time I saw Dalton, he was showing me his new riding shoes, before their trip… I just happened to be driving by, as he was packing up.

I asked this family if they knew the area, etc.  Only the dad had been there, once a few years ago.  I told them that it is important for them to know the area and regulations and to be mindful of other ATV’s and riders in the area and PLEASE follow the speed limit signs… and I could tell that I was about to get the “rolling eyes ‘of course’ we will” when I said…  Because this young man (tapping the button on my jacket) was killed there.  I proceeded to tell them Dalton’s story…

…They listened.  I wished them fun and safe travels, and handed them one of Dalton’s cards…

… And silently asked Dalton to watch over this family… so excited to go on vacation with all of their new toys… and their 15 year old son.

 Link to Dalton’s story:

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