Toad Holes

[pics incl] Toad holes… like donut holes, from toads. Do you know what toads are? NOT the frogs, the toasted food. When Heather was little, we discovered “toads,” and when William was little, Blues Clues reminded us. You cut a hole from the center of bread, we use the “O” from our ABC cookie cutters 😉 but a biscuit cutter or just an inverted juice cup work too. You crack an egg into the hole, and fry your egg and toast together.


Well….. I do not like fried eggs. I do not like them “Sam I Am!” Jeff quickly whipped “mine” up into French toast.

AND, decided to put the circular bread cuts into that batter and make baby French toast.

I said, “Look, toad holes.”

[this is for you Heather!]


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