Status on me 12/28/15

Thank you so much for all ya’ll’s thoughts and prayers. []

I haven’t mastered the dosage of the new meds yet but I *think* they will help with sleeping. I’ve slept a bit better but the girls have also taken over my work hours since they are on break. Hence my saying I haven’t mastered the dosage because I’ll need to be able to wake up on demand (and not be lazy as have been over holidays 😉 ).

Still have random moments of burst into tears and forget read and spell anything! Some days are ok but I have varying degrees of “can’t lean down” aka “not a bending day,” to “can I turn on the electric toothbrush… in my mouth aka head?” or “don’t get anything near me … aka “my hair will NOT be brushed today!”

On that note, new neurologist has scheduled an MRI for next week 01/05/16. Not expecting to see any changes but maybe that in itself will help determine next cousre

Will keep you posted.

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