Blake Olson, part 2

Today, the heater was not working for a while, so Ashley and I were taking turns warming up.  [I am covering for Courtney today].  During one of our swaps, a customer stepped into the gas station side, at the same time as me, so while we were chatting I did not see his face but he saw mine and knew me.  This happens often “with regular car wash customers” so it didn’t really surprise me, until he turned to face me and I’m like “hang on, I know you, why do I know you?”  “I met you, a few months ago, over in that building.”  “Ok, but I wouldn’t remember you from meeting over there, it’s something else, hang on… processing.”  He proceeded to laugh and help me out a bit because Ashley apparently had already explained to some of the customers that “I was too cold to think straight” or something funny along those lines 😉

“Oh, Nuggets!  Blake Olson!  Where have you been, I’ve been watching and haven’t seen you?!”  [Sigh, I wish I had been thoughtful enough to realize all this AND thank him for the tickets in the same sentence…. now I feel “rude” but I really was COLD… and I really was having trouble thinking 😉 ]!!!  We chatted a bit about last night’s crazy spectacular Nuggets game… and oh yeah, that Broncos football game tomorrow 😉

Blake Olson has taken on new opportunities in the Denver area, I’m sure gonna miss him as a true basketball commentator with real insights and valuable perspective… and of course, “as one of the guys I know” on the Nuggets!  I hope I get the opportunity to chat with him again and I hope that I remember next time to THANK him for always treating me with respect (and giving me free tickets 😉 ) and not just some crazy fan… I mean, I am a crazy fan, but he doesn’t treat me as such.

Here’s the first time I met him:

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