Super Bowl 50 at Wilderman’s

[pics incl]  Snapped a few photos while hanging out at the Wilderman’s Super Bowl 50 party.  Just a few of my favorite hillbillies and I know a lot were missing!  Brennan started talking to me while I was taking the panoramic photos and I wasn’t quite sure what he was telling me (I had in ear plugs).  He finally figured out that I was having trouble HEARING him so he started pointing and said “come on, come here”…. and he took me in the other room and… I realized he was showing me “the OTHER” football fan in the room 😉  Apparently, Jack gets VERY expressive during football games 😉 but what’s even funnier, is when ANIMALS are on the TV, it’s unlike any other dog I have seen “watch tv” because this dog truly seems like he knows what is going on with the animals?!?!  I’d like to thank Lulu for taking me and Jack for a walk 😉

I don’t often go in for Super Bowl commercials (or ANY commercials for that matter, but kudos to Budweiser on their #GiveADamn Don’t Drink and Drive Ad… I may add that one to my own personal mantra! []

I was about to publish this post, I looked outside and saw this sunset… it’s PRIOR to half-time, so I’m thinking the orange and blue sky has something to say about today’s game! 😉

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