Josh’s 16th Bday

[pics incl]  Today is Josh’s 16th birthday.  They literally just got back from their Make-A-Wish trip to New Zealand where they were able to cross off a couple of his bucket list items thanks to the joint efforts for Make-a-Wish USA & Make-A-Wish NZ!!!  She promises to post pictures when she recovers from jet-lag 😉  He has started up his chemo sessions again and has MRI scheduled next week so I suspect she will need time to sleep in here somewhere 😉  They have shown us some very interesting  pictures, cave diving with glow in the dark “not worms” and I’ll just let her tell that story!

I took a group photo but I clearly missed a few folks, SORRY!  And then Quelf came out and Courtney needed the toddler to “you must hold this in your left hand the rest of the game” or something 😉

It was a very nice visit and for the record we will be eating all future meals at their house because even when Debbie “makes up recipes” and does stuff at the last minute… it was FABULOUS!  Thanks for letting us share your birthday Josh!… oh, and by the way, it’s my sister, Andrea’s birthday too 😉


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