3 Years Ago…

Last week several different people asked me “How long has it been?”

Wow, how long has it been since a headache… that wasn’t a headache changed my life?! [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2015/04/08/two-years-ago/ ]

After consulting with Jeff and the others, I realized that THE three year”mark” was approaching.  I started wondering, had I created a list of things to do, no, NOT a bucket list, just, “things” I’d like to do… maybe “be able to do again.”

Knowing me, “the keeper of lists,” I figured I had one… somewhere….  took a bit of thinking about “if I had a list, where would I put it” but VIOLA!

I found this list of things… just notes and thoughts that I had taken the time to jot down a year ago (and then I have clearly promptly forgotten about).

Looking at my list:  I’m pleased that I was able to “do again” some things that the “stroke” part of the clot has made difficult… for example, for our anniversary, Jeff and I went camping AND went hiking around a bit.  [the old ‘in shape me’ could’ve hiked/biked/ran/climb anytime-anywhere-anything ]  Jeff ended up carrying my pack at the end, but some hiking was done by me!

I still cannot do 10 push-ups.

[I hear ya, rolling your eyes… I DO TO … KNOW …  HOW … to do push-ups!  Real push-ups, the correct way!  In a former life, I took both “Fitness & Conditioning” AND “Running” at A&M … FOR A GRADE… because I knew it’d be easy A’s]

BUT, I guess I didn’t realize I had written push-ups  down … sometimes my left arm and/or brain won’t let me do ANY push-ups.  BUT, I have gone from ZERO to 9… on my knees.  They are proper form, but I still need the knees to brace my neck.  NO WHERE NEAR the world of “A&M for a grade” but on the flip side it’s NO WHERE NEAR the “ZERO cuz I had a stroke”… so YAY me, I can do NINE push-ups on my knees and I am thrilled!

but I have “mostly” reached my goal of getting healthy/in-shape.  There are so many health/workout “plans” or thoughts or suggestions to follow so I kinda just followed them ALL:  for my gender/height/age I reached healthy weight; BMI; Sleep; BP; lean vs. fat; body fat%; and strength training.  I have a teensy more to go on body fat%,  BUT still a ways to go on strength & I’ve about gave up on sleep, but everything else is SPOT ON! [yes, this means if you saw me this summer, I’ve lost weight & gotten in shape]  I didn’t realize my list had been so specific last year 😉  good thing I like lists because I kept pretty good records of everything I have done this year!

No fishing was done by me….. that will NEED to be remedied!

I’m pleased to say, Many of my other notes, I can cross off!

And my “KEEP IN TOUCH” will always be!  Needs to be better… I could use some help with this one… hint, hint!

I am so thankful for each of you.  for everyday that has been given me.  I appreciate your thoughts and your prayers.  And YES, you can TXT me and “Words with Friends” etc etc.  Holler if you need my info!

Love and cherish all ya’ll!!


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