Snow 04/16/16

[pics incl]  I txt everyone last night w/ this photo and said 

“Winter is Coming!”


04/15/16 16:09 MT

This morning, snow is here.  Amounts will be hard to SEE because snow is soooo wet and wind is really blowing.  I’ll let the pros determine actual totals.


04/15/16 06:56 MT


04/15/16 06:57 MT


04/16/16 09:00pm MT

04/16/16 23:59 MT

Anyone wanna go camping?


04/17/16 10:24am MT

Ya’ll asked me about the roads.  IF they have been plowed, they are clear, stay clear.  You have to watch for run off, quick rushing water and re-refreeze or black ice but they are clear with any sun.

When I was little, we had a HUGE blizzard  in Indiana 78? 79? and it flooded in Texas later that summer.  I was always convinced the snow melted and ran south.  It’s flooding in Texas right now……  Ya’ll be safe!

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