There Are Those Other Bloggers

Ya know, my blog tells me that there are about 200 registered users (which I don’t believe 😉 ) AND then I’ll get emails from you and I have to believe…

and I know there are random strays that are friends of my family or prayer groups and I know you exist, every once in a while one of ya’ll will get me a message
and then there are those accidental stalkers…. haha!

BUT THIS, is about YOU.  You other bloggers, because I do remember now and then to stumble across your blogs again (unless I have them linked to mine, then I actually read them fairly regularly).  If you do/do NOT want your blog linked to mine holler.

Well, I rambled.  

I just want to give a shout out to the budding chefs, the explorers, the ones whom don’t realize how wonderful they write because they are way too focused on WHO they are writing for, the students prparing for college, the students preparing to LEAVE college… all those other bloggers, that I TRY to remember to read… FEEL FREE TO REMIND ME (or add my email to your list)!

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