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The Lambrecht’s book comes soon and the book release party is Dec 4th:

During the toughest time in any parents’ life, the death of a child, you would expect them to lock themselves away, wondering what they did wrong/ or could have done different/ or just “why me?”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying John and Roni haven’t run the gambit of emotions but their VERY FIRST INSTINCT over the loss of their only child was “how can we prevent this from happening to other families?” and they used some of the money raised for them, to put up signs in the Glamis area, to warn other ATV’ers, so another family doesn’t have to go through this.

After Dalton’s untimely death, they have “helped” all of US cope with the loss of their son.  That’s the kind of wonderful people they are.  If you had spent any with Dalton, you would have very quickly discovered that he was so happy with HIS life that he wanted to make sure everyone had that same opportunity.  At his memorial, there were literally lines of kids coming out of the woodwork saying JUST THAT!  Wanna know what that says, that says he has GREAT PARENTS.

Now they have written a book to pass along their advise called “Parenting At Your Best” along with two companion books.

Please take the time to let them know you will be joining the event on Sunday, December 4, 2016, from 3pm-7pm at the Grizzly Rose, Denver.

More Dalton:


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