Sadie Meets Heather 01/03/17

[pics incl]  Shelbi returned from visiting Aunt Mousie [or in Shelbi’s world that’s Grandma!], in the nick of time to see Heather before her flight!  

She drove Sadie up here to meet Heather.  Sadie “wanted the purple” off Heather’s head [keeping in mind she dyed it Dalton Purple]

Sadie let Heather hold her, but she was pretty suspicious of her, and no way if William had been here 😉

But then Heather found a book… THE BOOK, we keep talking about because Sadie “fights going to sleep”… just like little tiger 😉

Shelbi and Heather decided that they were “meeting again for the first time… as adults.” So of course, I had to take a picture.  I know I have pics somewhere of them, AS CHILDREN 😉

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