Ode to the Mailbox

[pics incl] Our mailbox died last night.  While I was researching this untimely death, the truth was quickly discovered, this was not a hit-n-run

  • Me: was the mailbox down when ya’ll left or did “we” do that?
  • GuiltyParty: I did it last night. Totally ran over the mailbox 
  • Me: We’ll schedule a memorial 
  • GuiltyParty : Kay, I’ll bring it envelopes shaped like roses 

Dear mailbox we debated whether to bring you into our family.  It was a big deal at the time because we have a postal box and we’d become a “mixed” family 😉  We often forget to check if there is any mail in there… and apparently we forget to check to see if you are there.  Oops.

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