Neuro 07/25/17

This was the follow-up from my spinal Tap.

To be honest, I was mostly confused…but… I think that’s OK. The was a lot a talk about doing some more pressure tests and an angigram (sp?) all w/ dyes that require pre-medication since I’m allergic.  I think that’s what we had decided when….

He mentioned as he was leaving, something about blood vessels under clavical and maybe we should get images of these.  [I’ve asked previous docs about getting pics on my neck & chest]  He pulled up some images and explained it’s most common in car accidents….  Which brings us full circle to me trying to get other docs to listen…

Remember that “kinda sorta car accident” I was in:

YUP, THAT could cause problems in your brain.  MANY of ya’ll suggested that this could’ve been the problem but I couldn’t get docs to listen nor articulate well enough…

But he stopped & listened.

I cannot remember the technical terms as he explained but basically something along the lines of “thoracic ‘crushing blood vessels’ syndrome ”  He also said this could be the cause of my arm going cold/white & not being able to raise my arm up.

Needless to say, he abruptly changed his thinking and wants to figure out how to test (look at) pressures & blood flow in my clavical area.

He has some research to do but we are now waiting to hear how to proceed.

Will keep ya posted

[NOTE EXTRA :  some other things he said was that instead of (or incl w/) surgical Stent (sp?) in my jugular…. someone may want to surgically repair any blockages/problems w/ any vessels or nerves under clavical]

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