CTA Scan Scheduled for 08/10/17

After my last neuro appointment : http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2017/07/25/neuro-072517/    I have a CTA scheduled for 08/10/17

Since I’m actually allergic to the CT scan dye, I have to do a steroid + Benadryl protocol, starting 13hrs beforehand.

I’ll keep ya posted.

OH, Jeff clarified for me:  It’s called thoracic outlet syndrome 

[NOTE UPDATE : 08/10/17 08:35AM MT

CTA finished and the tech has made the 1-stick IV honor wall.  🙂  my check in to pay & get tagged  was at 8am & I’m already DONE?!?

head & neck were already hurting so hopefully this scan will reveal SOMETHING (probably that it’s all in my head 😉 )

results next week, keep ya podted]

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