Ed Had a Tea Party

[pics incl] Ed Robinson and I have been friends since 8th grade (they also know Steve). I have always kept in touch with him and his wife Nancy but we all actually haven’t SEEN each other in many, many years (probably close to 20).

We decided to goto lunch and I know Nancy picked the place… but it was “ED” that txt’d me….”Where are we all going to lunch Ed?”

[technically he can’t realy hear all this but I was furiously txting him inquiring about dress code… his response was something along the lines of “wear clothes”]

so the story I’m gonna tell is: “I’m going to lunch w/ a friend, A GUY FRIEND… and HE wants to go to a Tea Room. Ed is making “ME” go to a tea party?!?!”

I’m in jean shorts and a baseball shirt! my other clothes are baseball shirts because I plan to wear a baseball jersey to Steve’s funeral! Hello?! have you met me?! thanks a lot Ed… now I have to go find girl clothes… but first… I have to find a girl!

I was fortunate that my sister Andrea was working from home (actually… this is a data point for the next post) and my 11yo niece Hayley helped as well. They took one look at me and said “you can’t wear that!” Thanks Ed now my niece has to help me dress correctly. (yes yes I know, Nancy picked the place… but this is MY story) Thank you Hayley and Andrea, mission accomplished and they approved me to leave… and…

I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the food. We spent some time remembering Steve and that spilled over into “and who else was in that class?” and caught up on each of our kids & families & pictures.

Nancy picked a great spot! The food was excellent and the owner is very nice (it’s a small world too!) So if you are ever in Friendswood, TX go visit the Between Us Tea Room (yes… you should say that Ed recommended the place…. I’d love to hear what happens next! HAHAHA!)

[go ahead and ask… why?]

[NOTE: Ed & Nancy have been known to… visit Moulton! Let’s compare where Nancy’s dad’s property is with anyone in my family! so as you can imagine, this blog post could go on and on w/ funny stories. if you’re reading this from Moulton — it’s a small world!]

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