Smoke Test, Take Two.

[pics incl] Remember the time we filled up the house w/ smoke, on purpose? [] We are still having intermittent issues… so we have a smokey house… again… again

The first time, we found the issue, we unfortunately made the assumption we only had ONE issue. [NOTE: first problem found up inside hole #2 in pix below] This time, there were two more.

this time there was an issue found up inside hole #6 Yup, just sawed off like the previous.

and another up in the laundry room between the bathroom above and this light area.

I did climb up in there and take some video of the smoke but I couldn’t reach to take pix of the actual pipe.

crazy thing is that we have a bi-weekly cleaning crew and they were here yesterday… sigh

NOTE UPDATE : a plumber came out the following day, and fixed ALL the issues properly. I took pix of the holes in the ceilings on the main floor…. but between the first smoke test and the basement remodeling…. there are many missing drywall areas in basement (haha). the drywall crew comes out in a couple weeks!

ANOTHER NOTE UPDATE: evaporator cooler on roof was replaced the following day too & they cut holes in all the upstairs bedrooms for the vents

so… yah… so much for the cleaning crew HAHAHAHA

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