I Could NOT Lose at Yahtzee

[pics incl] We are still camping. William and I are playing various games (we have a great assortment of travel games in the camper). I was losing everything so I suggested we play yahtzee, which I also usually lose but at least it would be new losses today. Jeff and I had talked a few days ago about looking up the yahtzee rules and printing them out for the camper (we just have dice and a yahtzee pad).

Today, I cannot seem to roll anything other than yahtzee… I truly feel as if I have trick dice?!? We usually play the best of three on the pad. I’d win, we’d go play a different game and come back and I’d still be rolling yahtzee?! We both started txting Jeff (he had to work from home) to look up the rules.

I lost at three 13!

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