Tim, to the Rescue

[pics incl] Remember, we’ve been camping but we do NOT have a vehicle to get the camper back home. Our neighbor, Tim, to the rescue!

…and yesterday, William, Cloud & I decito meet Jeff down in town for lunch. However, we only had William’s Jeep. I’ve only been in it a couple times and I get super carsick…. throw in a very bumpy manual transmission ride and it was a real discussion over whether I was gonna get in it! Turns out, William is an excellent driver and the Jeep loves me HAHAHAHA [but just in case… we all took a BEFORE photo]

[NOTE UPDATE : a few days later I had another discussion over whether or not I wanted to get in the Jeep on a 75mph interstate HAHAHAHA]

It all wotk d out, we made it to lunch.

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