Courtney Ran Errands with Us

Let me point out that Courtney lives in Shanghai, we live in Colorado. For the past few weeks we keep missing our regularly scheduled Skype sessions so we very diligently coordinated a time for early this morning. With the daylight savings time change she is now 15 hours ahead of us which makes this Skype appointment late evening for her. She & friends suddenly needed late night food but we had gotten up early so now we need coffee… and breakfast… and while we are out let’s drop this off…. and this.

She txt’d when we were finishing breakfast and we told her we’d sit in the car to chat… but we still need coffee… wanna go thru the drive thru with us? And that turned into running all our errands while on Skype w/ Courtney! if possible one of us just ran in to… pick up a package or buy cat food. we took turns. Today’s list of errands was so much less tedious!

Jeff claims it was cheaper too pecause we both weren’t in the store at the same time going “hey do we need to buy this thing too?”

If you have long distance family & friends…. drag them along with you while you do chores!

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