So, I updated my phone

I had been hesitate to update my phone because many reports said the updates actually BROKE my version of iPhone & none of the subsequent updates repaired issues….. until iOS 12.4.3 but once I got ready to update iOS 13 was already out.

SOOOOO…. I made surr I could update w/ my version of Apple Watch, backup to iCloud etc at 11:55pm 11/16/19 BUT NOOOO… it hung up in the process and after 12 hours… I had to reset the phone & hope it resumed. It appeared to work but then all of a sudden…. “black screen of death” Had to reset phone which forced it to START OVER and the restore from iCloud (vs having updated the iOS while leaving all my data intact) HOURS later it appeared to have completed

until I tried to sync my watch and got errors. that forced me to wipe my watch (losing past 24 hrs) and then… it said “can’t update because you aren’t connected to internet ” YES I AM!! grrrrr! I spent HOURS troubleshooting this w/ zero success!

So I contactedy MY local (in-house) IT support HAHAHAHA now it’s William’s turn. He repeated everything I tried… even tried on his phone (same error) before contacting Apple Support (via txt from MY phone)

He txtd w/ them, got escalated… txt more… escalated more… then they called on HIS phone … escalated. pushed a new ios update (so ios 13.2.3 is cuz of him i think)… didn’t work, says not connected to internet but… we are, we downloaded iOS 13.2.3 update (using the internet)  soooo… they are gonna call him on wednesday so they can troubleshoot together(he feels special) [I’ll keep ya posted how THAT goes]

so… my phone can txt now, i’m naked w/out my watch! IF you happened to txt me between 11/17/19 midnight and 11/18:19 5:00pm I didn’t get it. And the I didn’t realize afterwards that I couldn’t txt non-iphones until 11/19:19 8:30am

no one else has had issues but wanna know something…? I MISS MY PALM! (I say this multiple times a week, now seems super fitting)!

I’m still learning the new iOS 13 features… so bear w/ me!

[NOTE UPDATE: William spoke to Apple support for a while on Wednesday. They pushed a different WatchOS to my phone. that only took ALL DAY to download and install… so again if you txtd me 11/20/19… if I didn’t answer, I don’t get it. HOWEVER…. all is right w/ my world again. Wilohas everything working… my hero HAHAHAHA I THINK I can call/txt from my devices now]

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