Congrats William

[pics incl] It’s official, technically, William is enrolled at CSU-Pueblo … in Castle Rock. It’s all very new and he’s helping them work out the snafus in the process. It took a bit of doing to get his official transcripts from STEM and he had been dual enrolled at ACC. Now he is in an innovative new program at the brand new campus built in Castle Rock. He’s majoring in cyber-security in a partnership between ACC & CSU-Pueblo, where he will get his Associates in cyber-security first, then Bachelor’s.

However, since he was dual enrolled and had extra AP classes, he’s a little bit ahead of the pack and they don’t have all courses he needs setup in the order he is currently progressing… HAHAHHA and since it’s brand new, not everyone in office staff is familiar with courses etc. He’s on firstname basis with everyone now HAHAHA

After they collected all his transcripts & AP scores and test-out scores, he’s technically a sophomore at ACC & CSU-Pueblo. Congrats, very proud of all your hard work (and evil genius )!

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