Dear Android Users

If you have an android & have called or txt’d me “recently”… & I didn’t respond… I did NOT get it. I didn’t even know I was having issues until one day I happened to reboot my phone and received SO MANY old txt & voicemail (from iPhone) & a few ” relatively newer” android ones. Yes I’m super frustrated! no one else seems to be having the same issues so at a loss. I suspect I’ve had issues since I was in TX so probably on/off for 6 weeks? I’m trying to be better about just proactively turning phone on/off to force delivery and I’ve been replying to every message now…

Soooo…. if you txt’d me & I didn’t respond…. I did NOT get it.

I have txtd lots of Android users in past 6 wls & I don’t always get reply so I have no idea if my messages are actually being sent? I promise that if you had one recently, I probably know your bday and probably txt’d you HAHAHAHA

I dunno what solution is but… if you txt me and I don’t respond… try again?

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