Hey Tall Person

[pics incl] Courtney txt’d that her roommate sent a link to National Short Girl Appreciation Day 12/21. The entire time we were txting & as I am writing this post, I was amused that I can still remember Josh’s snicker-giggle as he was often the one answering me when I yelled “Hey, Tall Person…!” [http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2015/09/12/josh-and-will-091215/]

Courtney and I had an amusing txt chat going referring to my “shared calendar” that I actually started when we lived in the mountains (probably before William was born). I added a few relavant date to my calendar that I thought would amuse the girls when I printed out our weekly/monthly birthdays etc. Mickey Mouse’s bday, Mad Hatter Day, Talk like a pirate…. whatever was kid appropriate. At some point about 8-10yrs ago, my “fun” calendar accidentally became visible to the group of shared calendars we had going (ie kids class schedules, sports practice etc) and I just left it when they all laughed & voted to keep it.

So as Courtney is txting me her amusing story… I’m adding Nat’l Short Girl Appreciation Day to my calendar!

We went on to describe our experiences yelling “hey Tall person…”

Later, I was sharing this funny txt conversation w/ Ashley and she txt’d me a hysterical comic of aliens having this exact conversation!

Hello Long Being!


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