Courtney is STILL Safe

[pics incl] After my last post, Courtney was in Taiwan with Claudia when her flight to Shanghai was canceled due to Coronavirus. Well, after contacting a few people that might have had spare rooms (in Taiwan), Jeff discovered he could use points to buy her a ticket back here. She had some layovers somewhere in there so we were just txting random photos etc to keep her busy. It’s snowing here again so she’s been teasing us w/ more beautiful beach photos.

it occurred to me that I had been using Courtney’s room to go through “stuff” to purge. So I had to pickup all MY stuff and make it be HER room again HAHAHAHA

At this point she’s been waiting at an airport, has been on a 4 night 5 day long weekend that’s lasted 3.5 weeks… in beach clothes… that she packed for her long weekend. HAHAHAHA They had come around and asked anyone waiting to wear a mask.

….and William and I managed to meet her at the airport w/ some warm clothes she had in storage here!

So, for the moment she is back. Working online from here, so she’s teaching her students many of whom are quarantined in locations in China. Basically she’s still on Shanghai timezone!

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