Homemade Meals 03/31/22-04/06/22

[pics incl] Some great meals this week!

Claudia made salmon, creamy rice & corn and sautéed squash/zucchini [Unfortunately for me, I’ve been reacting to salmon… sigh… so she made me tilapia]

Courtney made balsamic chicken with spinach (she’s made this a few times and we all enjoy it) and cherry pie

William and Emily made piroshkis. These are a Russian sweet bread with butter and sugar inside. She promised to make some with sweet pork and some with cinnamon & sugar next time 😁

I jokingly told Emily that she could go erase my name on the meals list and add hers. Problem is that she actually was excited. YAY!?!??

Ashley made meat pies, she wasn’t pleased with the outcome though so I doubt she will make it again.

it’s been interesting to see what everyone enjoys attempting to cook… especially if they attempt it more than once. I’d be willing to have this again. She claims her next meal will be re-making [insert long German word here] 😉

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