Links to Recommended Reading Lists

I was so frustrated trying to find appropriate lists for my young teenagers (and myself) that were challenging YET, age appropriate.  I am compiling a list of links and plan to come back someday and compile a list of actual books!  PLEASE feel free to suggest any other links you have found useful!

NPR Books:

Arrowhead, WI library, college bound list:

Teachers First (you can get lost here, I put you on grade 8): Choices:

Kumon Recommendations (pre-readers thru high school):

Accelerated Reader:
(There are pros/cons to AR, I get that, but it is an excellent resource to just “check” an age level of a book you’ve already found.  I had “little kids” ready to read at college level and not all material is appropriate!)

Douglas County Colorado Library System:

DCSDK12 RHMS Library Resources:

American Library Association:



Classics List by The Guardian:

Classics by Eagle Forum:

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