Officially Offended

09/15/2006: I was trying to get a quote from a printer for directories… most were around $800ish but one lady (whom I was referred to from a neighbor and she knew it) quoted me $1250 and a deposit, would take over a week and was really snotty about it and kept saying she couldn’t keep competing with Office Depot… I told Jeff “I’m officially offended!!!!”  (if that’s how she treats referrals… he was with me so I had PROOF). He really wanted to know if there is a difference between being offended and OFFICIALLY OFFENDED 😉  We went to Office Depot… $400 and a few days later 😉  Thanks for the referral!

NOTE:  Courtney overheard me earlier in the day telling a friend about the “officially offended” story above….  We were discussing the fact that Courtney wanted us all to be pirates at Yogi’s for “Halloween weekend.”  After what seemed like hours of debate, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I said… “I think we should all be pirates… AND Courtney should be Tinkerbell!!!”  Very calmly… Courtney said “I’m OFFICIALLY OFFENDED!”

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