one pound

ya know, one pound really isn’t that much… think about it. take butter… it’s four sticks… unless you plan to eat all four sticks in one sitting, it’ll last awhile but it really isn’t that much. now take salt, again… one pound of salt would last a while and still not take up too much space! now, make that SAND… more specifically drywall sand (having been sanded off the popcorn ceiling) and place that sand in your hair/scalp. THAT’S A LOT OF SAND! one pound of drywall sand is just about the maximum amount that will rest on your head without leaving a trail behind you. heather and i know this for a fact as we spent the better part of a few days sanding the popcorn ceiling. as a corollary to the maximum amount of sand that will stay in your hair: it takes at least four washings to remove it from your hair/scalp!!!

however, i’d say it was worth it as our ceiling looks SO MUCH BETTER NOW! come visit, see for yourself!

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